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We accept new members into the choir at the beginning of each term:

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What’s involved in joining the choir

The first 2 weeks each term are run as “open rehearsals”. This means you can attend these rehearsals with no obligation, other than paying a $20 refundable deposit for the music sung those nights, to see if you enjoy the choir and want to continue. During this time, you will be partnered with a member in your section to answer your questions and provide information and support wherever necessary.

If you decide you are interested in continuing with the choir, our Artistic Director will conduct a short informal vocal assessment with you. She will ask you to do a few warm-up exercises to get a sense of your range, and to sing a song of your choice. It is important to note that Island Bel Canto Singers is better suited for singers with some choral experience and basic music reading skills.

Once you fully join the choir, you will receive the rest of the music and access to the members’ section of the website. You will have until the end of September/January to pay your fees, and the deposit you paid for the open rehearsals will be applied against your fees.


We rehearse Tuesday evenings, from 7pm to 9:30pm, and our Chamber Ensemble rehearses from 6pm to 7pm. We rehearse at St. Paul’s Anglican Church at 100 Chapel St. Sectional rehearsals are held as required, and a full-day Saturday workshop may also be held each term; members are expected to attend if they can.

Member fees

Fees are $165 per term and are used to help cover the choir’s operating expenses. (If you also sing in our Chamber Ensemble, there’s an additional fee of $65 per term.) We strongly believe in the value of singing, and we will not turn away any singer for financial reasons. If finances are a challenge for you, instalment payment plans and subsidy options are available.

Rehearsal tracks

To help you learn your music, we create computer-generated mp3 tracks for each part and we record our rehearsals; then we post these tracks on the choir’s website.


Rehearsals for our Spring 2018 term will begin January 9, 2018.

Read the Member Handbook for full details.
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